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Build Your Emotional Skillset and Level Up Your Life!

Turn your most uncomfortable emotions into the tools to light your brand on fire.
Raise your emotional skills and step into the life you were meant to live.

Why We Struggle to Make Changes

We all develop unhealthy patterns of coping with our emotions that we don’t notice until we go to make a big change in our lives like trying to launch a business, start a relationship or make a body transformation. That shift exposes that unhelpful pattern that we had not noticed before. We often think we are doing something wrong but really we just need to develop a new way of coping with our emotions.

We want change in our lives but we keep falling into the same self-sabotaging patterns that prevent the changes we want to make in our body, business and relationships from sticking.

It’s not just you and you’re not doing anything wrong!

Imagine if you had the tools to move out of fear, shed unhelpful patterns and relationships, and elevate your successes!

The reason most people struggle to create and maintain change is that we have developed these unhelpful and sometimes damaging ways of dealing with emotions that we picked up either from childhood or other pivotal times in our lives. The when you are stressed, you automatically revert back to those self-sabotaging ways.

I’m here to teach you the specific tools to make your emotions work for you and to release the self-sabotage and tap into who you want to become. Until this gets fixed it is impossible to create the change you want in your life!

Feeling Stuck? Know what you want but keep falling into patterns of avoidance?

Hi, I’m Kelly Patrick

I’m a licensed psychotherapist and coach who has navigated the entrepreneurial journey through my involvement with the annual FITposium conference and launching the Get Amped Mastermind for fitness entrepreneurs.

I’ve learned it’s more than just having a map and mindsets for success, it’s also learning a new way of approaching the feelings that hit when leveling up. I’ve helped hundreds of clients build accountability, a mindfulness practice and learn to realize the benefit of tapping into the messages their emotions are sending to build tools to remain focused and calm when navigating life’s challenges.

I’m opening up my coaching services to a select few entrepreneurs who are ready to let go of excuses and avoidance and build their emotional toolkit so they can rock their businesses and lives.

“Kelly has a true gift when it comes to helping others break through barriers and seek their full potential. She has helped me shift my mindset to a place where I truly believe in myself. The love, guidance, coaching, and tools she has given me have led me to accomplishing big personal and professional goals this year. I am so grateful for her and for the big breakthroughs she has guided me to!”

Kathleen A.

“I’ve had the opportunity to get coached by Kelly over the last year on my mindset and emotional skills. Kelly has helped me be able to start each day with mindset and clarity by incorporating mediation and direction with my mindset and purpose as part of my morning routine. She also has helped me get out of my own way and stop apologizing for asking for what I want and instead going after it knowing I deserve to have anything and everything I want. Kelly has helped me get rid of my mental barriers and show up each day ready to take action. I no longer care about what others think about me or what I am doing because of Kelly. I show up each day for myself, my clients and anyone who needs to hear my message. Thank you Kelly!”

Ashley W.

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